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Diving Lady on Display

As you know, we have been involved in paying tribute to the diving lady and also working to help raise funds for her restoration by selling t-shirts.  You can read past blog posts about our shirts and the diving lady here and here.  Macey from Moms Essential passed this article our way.  Randy from the Mesa's Preservation Foundation sent us this article.  In a nutshell, one of the three diving ladies has been restored and is now on display in a store front by the second floor entrance to Macy's in Fiesta Mall.  If you get a chance, head over to west Mesa and check it out.  Of course it is free to view.  My family might grab a hamburger at the In-N-Out over there and then go into the mall for a little look.  Should be fun to see it up close.   

Also, just so you know, our shirts are still on sale in our shop or you can always head over to Surf & Ski to purchase any of our shirt designs.  Just pick a shirt they have in stock and they will print it while you wait.  Watching the process is part of the fun.  The cost is $15.      

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Check out the Upcoming Events Calendar on our sidebar for more activities this weekend and beyond.  As for me, I've had a great month so far.  My husband and I got out on a rare date and ate at one of our favorite Mesa restaurants AH SO.  While there, we sat next to some prospects for Mesa's Hell's Angels.  Maybe I should have been worried, but they were nice fellows and we had a good visit.  Mesa is diverse, that is for sure.  We've checked out some fabulous books from the library, including some on ducks, so that my girls can learn all about the mallards that have made a home in our backyard pool this spring.  We bought chickens for my mother-in-law at Mesa Feed Barn on Broadway Road.  They cost $2.50 each and are as cute as can be.  Swim lessons started at Hubbard and we've checked out the exhibit "Once Upon a Time...Fairy Tales, Frogs and Fables" at the Arizona Museum for Youth.  My girls loved it and on Fridays, they even have Cinderella walking around.  We can't wait to go back with our year pass that we got for a great deal through the IHM promotion.  And of course, we have enjoyed all the sunshine and natural source of vitamin D that our bodies can soak up.  Get out to those Mesa parks!     

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Bekah: said...

That is really cool. You deserve your very own diving lady since you are her biggest fan.