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So Long

I was driving down Main on Thursday evening and I had a mini heart attack.  Okay, a little exaggeration, but my heart fell to my stomach.  I saw the sign for the Starlite motel, but where was she?  Where was the diving lady?  They couldn't have taken her down.  Why would they do that?  She is an icon.  My mind raced wondering why I was not seeing a lady plunge into a pool of water.  Then I saw it.  Devastation in the neon.  The diving lady lay crumbled in a mess in the Starlite Motel's parking lot.  After surviving decades of storms, Tuesday's beast brought her down.  

The next day I called the Starlite Motel.  I searched on the internet.  What is to become of this piece of Mesa history?

These questions are still unclear.  But, I Heart Mesa is working to find what we can do to help.  And stay tuned cause we have something in the works to pay tribute to Mesa and this lovely lady.  A tribute that was ironically in the works before she met her demise.  Until then, I'm sure glad I sent my husband out to take pictures of Mesa's lovelies back in May.  Makes me want to send him out tomorrow to take a few more before any random microbursts happen. 

Behold, the diving lady in all her glory:



angela hardison said...

sad day indeed.

Nichelle said...

I will never be able to find my way to K-Mart again...

Amy said...

Oh no! My husband's grandpa made the neon for the diving lady. It has become quite a family landmark. I don't think they know this yet...uh oh. She was lovely while she lasted.

The Bella Life said...

Oh no! I loved that sign. It is iconic to those who grew up in Mesa. I didn't realize it fell down in last week's storm. Sad, sad, sad.


ashley in wonderland said...

I'm crying.