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New Mesa Shirts in the Shop and On Sale!

Several months ago we had the idea to make shirts for this blog.  Part of our mission statement here at I Heart Mesa is to build a better sense of community in Mesa, Arizona and we felt some well designed shirts would be just the thing.  I contacted my sister-in-law and designer Angela Hardison and she got right to work.

Her first design was created in collaboration with her husband Clint.  Clint had the idea to create a design using the diving lady, an icon that practically screams Mesa.  Using a photograph my husband Ryan took as a point of reference, Angela created the diving lady shirt, replacing the word Motel with Mesa.  We couldn't think of a better way to show Mesa pride.  After the design work was well underway, a monsoon knocked the diving lady over.  We knew we needed to do our part to help get her restored so we are donating 15% of our profit to the cause.

The second shirt design was inspired by my sister's move to Virginia 6 years ago.  I missed my niece and nephew dearly.  I wanted to send a package to them that had a little part of Mesa in it.  I found some shirts that were practically hideous, but they said Mesa and love and I was hooked and wanted them for my niece and nephew.  Fast forward 6 years.  I asked Angela to take a similar saying and to create something much more stylish.  She created the Someone in Mesa Loves Me shirt.  I've given this shirt as a gift numerous times and it always brings a smile. But, don't feel like you can only buy this shirt to give away.  Buy one for yourself because you are definitely loved here in Mesa.

I Heart Mesa shirts can be purchased online here.  Prices start at $13.  Or if you would like a custom Diving Lady shirt, head down to Surf & Ski in downtown Mesa.  Choose a shirt from their inventory and they can print it while you wait.  Prices start at $15.  (It is neat to watch the screen printing process - it's like a How It's Made episode)

Recently we have updated our shop and have added a larger selection of shirts to choose between.  All solid diving lady tees are printed in the classic light blue ink and all solid Someone in Mesa tees are printed in bright white ink.  American Apparel striped shirts, either the Diving Lady or the Someone in Mesa design, are printed in a deep red.  All Gildan shirts are available in youth to adult sizes.  AND...because we feel our shirts would make a fabulous Valentine's Day gift, all Someone in Mesa shirts are on sale!  Now, go check out our shop and make sure to get your shirts in time for Valentine's Day.   (Please contact us at iheartmesa@gmail.com if you would like a discount on a bulk order.)

Also, enjoy these pictures of Marily and I and our families sporting the new styles.  (Just a note - sorry you missed out on a complete family picture with my littlest ones included.  They were there.  I promise.)

- Kathryn          

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