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Photo credit:  My husband's camera, my sister-in-law Angela's finger

I’m Kathryn. My husband teases me that I wouldn’t be able to find my way out of Mesa. He’s wrong. I just choose to stay put. I’m a homebody. I’m a Mesa native. If I had to be brief, my life of the last 10 years can be summed up as follows: married, graduated from ASU, taught first grade (in Mesa, thank you very much), ‘retired’ from teaching just in time to birth one set of twins, started a blog about Mesa, birthed another set of twins, and now I work hard each day on the happily ever after part. I’m not fancy and I’m not perfect, but I do love Mesa and I started this blog because of that. Besides, there needs to be a little more heart put back into this community.

Photo Credit: Eryn Amos from Heirloom Photography

I’m Marily.  I went to Mesa schools, MCC, then ASU.  I live in Mesa with my husband Mark where we are raising our three little boys.   I’m outnumbered, but I love it. We like to get out of the house and love that Mesa and its surrounding neighborhoods have so much to offer.  We enjoy the great hiking and outdoors in the valley and during the summer of 2010 I participated with KaBOOM in the Park-a-Day challenge and visited 50 parks in Mesa.  So, I'd have to say we're pretty much Mesa parks experts by now.  I joined Kathryn in writing for I Heart Mesa in 2009.  My main goal is to increase a sense of community with this blog.

Then there is our fabulous designer Angela.  We wouldn't look so professional without her.  She is award winning, multi-talented and basically awesome.  You can check out her work here and here.

Please follow us as we continue to put our hearts into loving Mesa, just as we have from the beginning. The grass is not always greener on the other side (figuratively). We'll take care of informing you of what's going on and you take care of enjoying Arizona. We live in Mesa, Arizona, and we love it. How about you?