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Veteran's Day Events in Mesa

Have plans yet for Veteran's Day?  Well, here is your one stop shop for ideas.

- Veteran's Day parade:  Historical aircraft flyover at 10:50 AM.  Parade begins at 11:00 AM.  Parade route starts at Center and 3rd Place.
- Veteran's Day Skate:  Are you looking to bust out your inner Olivia Newton-John (does anyone else remember Xanadu?)?  Well, at Skateland, admission is FREE before 10:00 AM.  Skate rentals are $3.  
- Host your own outdoor picnic:  Maybe you just want to enjoy this finally cooling down weather.  Gather your friends and family and rent a city of Mesa ramada.  Reservation for Veteran's Day taken until Wednesday at 4:30 PM.      
- Take a hike:  Take a guided tour for kids at Usery Pass.  Or maybe be schooled in the area of birdwatching.  Or you can head to Tempe and hike A mountain (I like to do that so my girls grow up with the idea that they are going to go to ASU like their mom.)
-Don't forget the Mindy Gledhill concert.
-or maybe you should start getting ready for the SWAP.  Seriously.  GO!

Or just sit and relax a little and reflect on our honored veterans.  I think I may go to my grandma's and read my grandfather's old letters home from the war.  
P.S.  - If you have any ideas for Veteran's Day, please share.  Leave a comment or send an e-mail at iheartmesa.gmail.com

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Nichelle said...

I still think it's amazing how much Billy looks like grandpa.