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Shun the Sun Benefit Concert for Arizona Schools

We've written about the Shun the Sun Race coming up on November 13th (thanks Nichelle).  But there are a couple of new things you should know....

First, a new event:  Join us at Westwood High School Auditorium for a benefit concert from Mindy Gledhill.  Proceeds from the concert go to providing more covered structures for playgrounds at Arizona schools.  What a great cause!

(Click on the picture to read all of the details.)

Second, there is a fun opportunity for women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds to be in a music video with Mindy Gledhill!  Mindy is filming at the 5k for Shun the Sun!  You'll have to register for the race and run with her to be in the video.  The registration fee goes up on Nov 1st so act quick.  Once you register, email  kristaqm@gmail.com and get your name on the list to be in the music video.  And, if you participate in the music video you get a FREE ticket to the Mindy Gledhill concert on Thursday.  What could make that weekend cooler?  Well, nienie will be there with her daughters, for one.  You can get more details on The NieNie Dialogues here, register for the race here, or get more details about the concert here

I am getting pumped!  I think with all the fun of the people there and the music video going on I may even forget that I am actually running.  Maybe?

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Nichelle said...

The race is Nov. 13