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Enjoying Arizona - Sunflower and Bushnell Tanks

Honestly, sometimes I feel really sad for those people that say there is nothing to do in Arizona.  What a miserable life they must be living.

These pictures are from a backpacking trip my husband took our older set of twins on over Spring Break. They went to Sunflower/Bushnell Tanks which is 45 minutes from Mesa.  I think we have been enjoying our explorations, and maybe even inhaling too much orange blossom smell, to take the time to write lately.  We hope you have been caught up in living life as well.  


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Bev said...

We arrived on December 11th and must now return to our home in Chicago. There are still so many things on our to-do list that will have to wait for next winter. The new love in my life is the Superstition Mtns and all the hiking available here. Rare was the day when we did nothing...there is so much to do. Our grandkids live in Chandler and we took them to many places they had never been...if folks would just look around they would see that this area is a treasure chest full of things to do.