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A Fall Guide to the Outdoors: Things To Do This Fall in Arizona

We've been talking and promising and now here it is:

We hope you can use this to plan a fun and memorable fall season.  We would like to thank our designer, Angela Hardison, who did a wonderful job as always.  Also, our sponsors, who make it possible to do this work.  And finally, our readers.  Thank you for reading through the years and for sharing our site with others.  Feel free to pass this guide around as you please.  

Download your copy here or click on the icon in our sidebar.

With Love,
Kathryn and Marily


Burgess said...

I'm so giddy with excitement, I have to go empty my bladder before I look inside!!! :)

The Wizzle said...

It looks great! So many good ideas (and just in time for my kids to be off school all next week, gack!)

Superstition Vintage said...

This fall guide is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jamie said...

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