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Giveaway Winner!!

Late last night we were up late working on our Fall Guide, emailing and phone calling every so often to finalize things and make the last few edits.  Thanks again to Angela for her awesome skills and hard work on the design.  It should be out later today, stay tuned!!

So...as we were working midnight rolled around and it was time to choose a giveaway winner.  We had such a hard time choosing--and such pressure!  There were so many nice comments and great ideas for things to do.  We also thank you all for sharing our website with others and wish we could reward you all for that.  Well, we will thank you by publishing our Fall Guide, how's that? 

To choose a winner, we each made a short list of our top choices, based both on your ideas for spending the $50 and your comments about how you shared our blog.  When we shared our lists, there was only one name that was on both of our lists, so...

We are looking forward to seeing some pictures of the Indian ruins on your anniversary trip.  We hope you have a great time--and happy anniversary!  Send us an email (iheartmesa@gmail.com) so we can get your address and connect you with your 50 bucks.

And, don't fret.  We had so much fun with this giveaway there is a very good chance we will be doing others like this one on a regular basis. 

Love you all,

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