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Mesa Education

Maybe I have education on my mind due to my older girls starting school this year, but today's overlying theme is education:

- Did you see that Mesa Public Schools is now on Facebook?  They are.
- There is also another group on Facebook called "East Valley Education News" run by the East Valley Tribune.  They are hoping to build their numbers so that parents, educators and the community can have an outlet to discuss education issues.  You can check them out here.

- Speaking of Mesa Public Schools, I saw a number of classes I would like to take through their Parent University.  All classes are FREE but you must register.  These classes are not limited only to parents of Mesa Public School students.  Many classes are appropriate for parents of babies and toddlers as well.  Classes range from discipline techniques such as the popular "Parenting with Love and Logic," to how to deal with temper tantrums, ADD/ADHD, power struggles...  There are even classes on family story time and science classes in which you are encouraged to bring your 4th-6th grader.  Check out their fall schedule here.  You just might see me at a few of these. 

- Finally, it's no secret that Marily and I are products of Mesa and Mesa education.  We both graduated from Westwood High School and are proud to be warriors.  Well, this year Westwood is celebrating their 50th graduating class.  Marily and I will be helping to create a few floats for the homecoming event on Friday, September 23rd.  The planning committee is looking for sponsors to help offset the cost of this event.  If you are interested, please let us know at iheartmesa@gmail.com.  And mark your calendars for this date anyways.  The parade is going to be fabulous!


iheartmesa said...

A FEW floats? I do remember agreeing to working on ONE. ~Marily

Kim Hosey said...

"A FEW?" Hehe!

Way cool; I hope you guys have a blast. Great finds on the East Valley Education News and Parent University. Thanks! I've "liked" my son's district (Florence) on Facebook as well. Social media has its own attendant problems, but it can be so great for staying in touch and organizing.