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Arizona Museum for Youth: Mesa, Arizona

Last year I Heart Mesa offered a special on memberships to the Arizona Museum for Youth or AMY.  I took advantage of the offer for a great Christmas present for my girls and we have loved going without the hassle of paying each time.  We enjoyed the "Once Upon a Time" exhibit and were curious about the new Charlie Brown exhibit.  I for one (sorry to admit) am not a huge Charlie Brown fan, so I was a little skeptical, but great news....I loved it and so did my girls.  My favorites, because they were also a huge hit with my kids, were the player piano, the dog house and the HUGE light bright.  I'm pretty sure they called is something like "pixel board" but I say call it what it is.  I hope you enjoy our photo tour and get excited to take your own tour of this great museum.  (I can't show you all the fun details, but here is a little sneak peak): 

Artville:  Designed for those under 5 years of age.  Play with huge soft blocks, let babies and toddlers crawl in their special soft area, plant in the pretend garden or cook in the play kitchen, read a book, put on a play, do an art project...

ArtZone:  Typically for those 5 and older, but often my younger ones have fun here too.  Interact with art, create like the masters, or simply hide in a chair.

Exhibitions:  Currently on exhibit is "Peanuts at Bat."  Dress up, play the piano with Schroeder, create more art, enjoy the comics on display, lounge with Snoopy, or hang out in the black light room.

For more information on the Arizona Museum for Youth, their hours and membership fees, please visit their website here.  

And if you are wondering, yes, we are back for more regular postings.  We just needed a little break from this hobby of ours during the summer.  Our real day and night job is pretty exhausting as it is, but you know us, we can't stay away forever.  Thanks for understanding! 

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