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Fruit Lady on Val Vista and Brown, Mesa

We get quite a few e-mails about the fruit lady.  I think often we are mistaken as being the fruit lady.  We are not.  We don't get any money from our postings, but we love to share because last fall I loved my ever plentiful counter of peaches, tomatoes, pears....the raspberries were gone before they could hit the counter.  It may be hot outside, but with Utah fruit season opening up, it feels like fall is right around the corner...right?  Utah fruit deliveries begin September 8th so get your orders in now if you want delivery that first week.  

{This is the only personal picture of a Utah fruit tree that I have.  Who can play I spy Kathryn's husband?}

Here is a copy of the e-mail we received from Barbie:

- PEACHES:  Peaches will begin Thursday, September 8th and continue every Thursday through October 6th.
A 32 pound box is $28.00

- TOMATOES:  Tomatoes will begin Thursday, September 8th and continue every Thursday through October 6th.
A 24 pound box is $20.00

- RASPBERRIES:  Raspberries will begin September 8th and continue every Thursday through the end of September.
An 8 pound flat is $28.00

- BLACKBERRIES:  Blackberries will begin September 8th and continue every Thursday through the end September.
An 8 pound flat is $28.00

- PEARS:  Pears will begin September 15th and continue every Thursday for a few shipments.
A 38 pound box is $28.00

- NECTARINES:  Nectarines will begin September 15th and continue for a couple of shipments.
A 32 pound box is $28.00

- PLUMS: Plums will begin September 15th and continue for a couple shipments
A 28 pound box is $26.00

- FALL APPLES:  Fall Apples will arrive October 27th, a few days before Halloween. (ONE SHIPMENT)
Varieties available are Granny Smith, Rome, Jonathan, Fuji, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious
A 42 pound box is $28.00

The fruit is tree ripened, and needs to needs to be in your home.
TO ORDER:  Please email at azfruitlady@yahoo.com or call 480-844-9953.
Please remember to include your NAME and PHONE NUMBER. Please be specific on what fruit you would like and the quantity.

FRUIT PICK UP:  All fruit will be sold at the fruit stand, on the Northwest corner of Val Vista and Brown Road, in Mesa. I will have plenty of fruit to accommodate your needs throughout the season. We look forward to seeing you each year, and will do our best to serve you. PLEASE REMEMBER TO COME! WE CANNOT HOLD BOXES. The truck will be unloaded and available for pickup at 6:00 AM. We will stay until the fruit is all sold, and then re-order for the following week. Thank you!

I am collecting clothes again this year.  The clothing is distributed to needy families. If you are cleaning out your closets, any donated shoes or clothing would be greatly appreciated (any size). Please bring donated items to the fruit stand when you pick up your fruit, or drop them at my doorstep any time. You have blessed the lives of so many with your donations. “ALONE WE CAN DO SO LITTLE; TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH.” HELEN KELLER

Thanks a bunch. Barbie and Bobby VanCott

Fruit stand at North West corner of Brown Rd. and Val Vista Rd
Mesa, Arizona
(If lost or need info on day of delivery call Bob at the stand at 202-2351)


Tightwad said...

Do you know if the fruit is organic or at least grown that way even if not certified?

iheartmesa said...

I am almost positive it is not certified organic, but I'm not sure if that is just because they don't want the hassle of red tape to get that label. I would call Barbie to see.

Tightwad said...

Thanks, will do.

kami said...

I emailed Barbie and she said that the fruit is not certified organic, but it is not sprayed. Yippee!!

BriAnne and Micah said...

So can you go and buy fruit at the fruit stand without ordering it first? I'm not sure I need a giant box of fruit at one time. :)

iheartmesa said...

BriAnne, often they have extra fruit on the day of pick-up, but it is still by the box. If you don't want a huge box by yourself, maybe you could find a friend or family member that would split a box with you.

Wendi and Matt said...

I called and talked to her and she confirmed it was not sprayed but told a friend and he called and was told by her husband that they do spray.. then the fruit lady called back and said they only spray the apples. I was really hoping this was the real deal but based on this happening I don't have a good feeling about it.