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It's Your Birthday and You Want Free Stuff

NOTE: For an updated post with even more birthday freebies go here on I Heart AZ our new blog.

I thought that maybe I would get a few more posts in last week, but, it was birthday week.  And oh birthday week is always more exhausting that I imagine, in part because I like to hit up all the businesses for my freebies.

For those of you that don't know, birthday week at my house is quite epic.  This year it started with Father's Day on Sunday.  Monday my younger twins turned 2, we had our cousin birthday party on Tuesday, my birthday was on Wednesday, and on Thursday my oldest twins turned 5!  It's quite crazy how it came to be and in a way, it's perfect for freebies as many businesses/restaurants offer deals for "the week of" your birthday.  Below are the two links I used in my freebie quest and a rundown of what we got for free (hopefully I'm not forgetting any):

Go here for the Coupon Sense freebies guide
Go here for the Arizona Shopping Secrets guide

- $10 off our meal at Liberty Market in Gilbert (would have been $20, but we just ordered one meal for our 2 year olds to share so they only gave us the $10 credit.)

- 4 dozen free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Could have been 5 but we were quite okay with one less trip and one less dozen.

- 15 free lunch meals at Emerson Elementary.  This is part of the summer free meal program, but my older girls wanted to "go eat at the school" for part of their cousin birthday party.  They love the chocolate milk in the cartons.

- 1 free Firehouse Sub.

- 1 free car wash at Genie Car Wash on the south east side of McKellips and Lindsdey.  So nice to finally have a clean car.

- 4 free kids meals and 1 free desert at California Pizza Kitchen (you need to sign up for the kid's club first)

- 5 free scoops of ice-cream at Baskin Robbins.  (you need to sign up for the birthday club)

- 2 free admissions to Sunsplash.  Then my little sister-in-law was able to use her season pass to purchase my ticket for $10 (they get one reduced ticket a month to share), so my older girls were finally able to check out the water-slides that they have seen and talked about all these years as we pass by on the freeway. (you must sign up for their birthday club)

- $20 off our meal at Joe's Farm Grill

- 6 free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity meals from IHOP.  The coupon says only one per table, but the nice guys at the Riverview location let us use all of them.  You get one for signing up and one for the week of your birthday.  I signed up the week of our birthdays so that my husband could use the 6th free one.

(We could have also got $40 in gift certificates to Bookmans here in Mesa, but sadly we never made it down there.  Next year...)

So there you have it.  We like to take our kiddos out on their birthday for a special dinner with just mom and dad and by doing a little research, we saved ourselves quite a bit of money.  There are a lot more places that offer freebies so next years plan might be totally different.  But, one thing is for sure, it will be epic.

Hope you have a happy future birthday as well!



Jenna said...

I'm always looking for a site that has all the East Valley birthday freebies! This is perfect! Definitely bookmarking this one.

Natty by Design said...

Sounds like good times! It's my birthday tomorrow and I was planning to write a post on all the freebies around town and then this post landed in my google reader this morning!

Joey said...

Hi, my name is Alex Finter, I am a city councilman for Mesa and my wife just came across your blog, I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. I regularly tell people that we need to put some heart and soul back in to Mesa, your blog is doing that, thanks.

Curtis said...

FYI-the Bahama Bucks on Power south of Baseline does a free small shaved ice for b-days...mmmm...strawberry daquiri and lime side-by-side, anyone?!