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Help us collect water for those in need

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I read this article today from John Goodie, a City of Mesa park ranger who hands out bottles of water to the homeless around the city during the hot summer months.  He is one of many helping with the city's Hydration Donation Campaign.  The goal is to get bottles of water to those that are in desperate need during these intense summer days.  The water is distributed through the United Food Bank to agencies around the city.  Park rangers like Goodie try to reach out beyond the shelters to get water to the homeless on the streets in Mesa.   He says: "We’ve been told by many homeless people as we’re giving out water that we’re timely angels handing out nectar from the gods. I tell them we’re no angels and the water is donated by citizens." 

Want to help?  On Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd my family and I will be driving around the city picking up water donations to deliver to the cause.  Will you join us?  Just pick up a case or two of bottled water while you're at the store this next week and send me an email (iheartmesa@gmail.com).  I'll arrange with you a good time to stop by or you can leave the water on your doorstep and I'll pick it up and take it to a donation drop-off location.  I am hopeful I can gather 50 cases of water with your help. 

Of course you can also take your donations yourself.  Drop-off locations are listed here.  The program ends September 16th. 


Jill said...

You can also help by dropping off your own empty water bottles at the Family Resource Center on Country Club and 8th. They will recycle the bottles and use the money to buy cases of water for the homeless around the valley.

Two ways to help!

iheartmesa said...

good to know, thanks Jill!