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The Freeman Corn Patch in Central Mesa

We make the trek down Brown road often.  One of my favorite sites even from the time I was a kid is to see the corn field. We watch for the young sprouts and comment on their growth.  We love the dose of rural it gives the heart of Mesa.  A few weekends ago my girls and I stopped in for a little shopping (and picture taking).  

The Freeman Corn Patch is located on the southeast corner of Brown and Center at 945 N. Center.  They are open from about 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Saturday until July 4th.  They sell sweet corn, watermelon, squash, tomatoes, cantaloupe,  onions and other fresh produce.  My girls were a little sad that the corn was not u-pick (they wanted to go and explore the field) but in talking to Mark Freeman, the farmer behind this stand, I understand why.  There were too many people who would destroy as they picked and so they had to stop that aspect of the patch.  Mark did say that if he is there when you stop by to pick-up your corn and produce and you want an explanation of farming and what it takes to grow the corn he would be more than happy to oblige.  He can be reached at 602-799-7092.  

I know our family did enjoy some great tasting sweet corn with our lunch that day and I love that it's food my girls have watched grow through the months.  We also loved our cantaloupe and want to go back for more corn and to try the watermelon.  I'm not sure if the prices change, but our corn was a dozen for $5 and the cantaloupe was $1.75 each.  Enjoy your visual tour:

Now, this is my kind of beauty.

- Kathryn


sherie said...

I LOVE this place and agree that it is a taste of the farm right in our midst. I got some wonderful corn, a yummy watermelon and the tomatoes were so tasty....much better than you find in the grocery stores. And the kids that work there will help you carry your stuff to the car, too.

ShaunaMahana said...

Our family ate about 3 dozen ears of corn from that field over the weekend. It was superb!