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Babies at the Phoenix Zoo

On Friday we were invited to come and meet the newest members of the Phoenix Zoo family.  Our kiddos got to hold and meet a Dik Dik antelope, see a Red Brocket deer and meet another set of twins, this time twin cows.    

This little guy is O'Neil, a Dik Dik antelope native to Africa.  O'Neil was born in April and because he was not able to nurse well, must be hand raised by the Phoenix Zoo staff.  Once old enough, he will be introduced back into his habitat to be with his mother.  But for now, we are thankful for our close-up encounter.  I kind of wish I could have put him in my purse and brought him home.  

Priya is a feisty and skittish Red Brocket deer native to Mexico.  Most female Red Brockets born in a zoo environment are hand raised due to their extra skittish nature.  We got a little taste of her spunk as she bounded off the stage and tried to run away.  Thankfully we got a hand on her and safely returned her to her home.  Eventually Priya will join her family and herd in the wetlands exhibit.  


Finally we trekked over to the petting zoo to catch a glimpse of twin cows born just before Mother's Day.  They say only 3% of cow births result in twins - but that's what they told me too (for those of you new to I Heart Mesa, I have 2 sets of twins).  All I could think of when watching the momma cow with her twins was, "I know how you feel."  

Also born this spring were baby Big Horn Sheep.  We'll have to catch a glimpse of those next visit.

And of course we couldn't leave the zoo without saying hi to our friend Duchess.
See you next time at the zoo.  Remember, in the summer, go early and take water.



Kim Hosey said...

Oh my gosh. I don't think I've ever seen such adorable deer. What a great opportunity for you guys! Absolutely precious pictures.

Rosemary said...

Your kids are the LUCKIEST! Olivia is so jealous!