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Mesa and East Valley Summer Guide Links

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments on our summer guide.  Thank you for everyone who is sharing it with others.  That is the point - to get more people enjoying where we live!  I know I want to live in a community where people are happy.

We hope you have had time to peruse the guide and start planning your summer.  If you still want more detailed information on what we covered in our summer guide, this post is to give your more links, more tips, more updated info as it comes to us this summer.  I will link this post in our sidebar and continue to update it as the summer progresses.

- Want to see our original Rhodes FlowRider post? - check it out here.

-Wondering more about Superstition Farm and the Super Farm Market? - lovely write up here.

- Skateland free summer skate lessons - We checked it out ourselves and will post next week.

-Impact Open Gym - fresh pictures, fresh post next week

- Splash pads - if you are going to the Riverview mini-splash pad, stop into Omega Gyros right next door for 99 cent fresh pitas or stop by Yodipity Yogurt just a few stores down on Mondays for a buy 2 get 1 free deal.

- Arizona Museum for Youth and Arizona Museum of Natural History - new posts, new pictures soon.

-Oh the Phoenix Zoo - we love the zoo.  Check out our amazing encounter with the new orangutan exhibit here.  

- We know lots of people are interested in the free summer meal program at Mesa Public Schools that we talked about in the summer guide.  Lindsey K. just notified us that they also bring sack lunches to the local parks!  Here is the exact e-mail she forwarded to us, (we know you guys love details):

"During the month of June, Monday through Thursday, they are at Red Mountain Park on the west side at the big ramada right by the parking lot at 11:25 am. They stay for about 20 minutes handing out free lunches and drinks to all kids 18 and under before heading off to another park to do the same. Since the lunch is packed up, you can stay and eat in the shade at the park or you can take it home, not to mention avoiding the really long lines that are sometimes at the schools while summer school is in session. The woman in charge told us that if she can get the numbers up at each park then they will allow her to travel around and offer the same during the month of July as well, and that is something the schools won't offer."

- Have you checked out the Freeman Corn Patch yet this summer?  It's only open till July 4th.  See our full post here.

Don't worry, this is just the beginning of summer posts.  We promise to keep posting and keep you informed of more great things going on in the Mesa, the East Valley and Arizona this summer.

If you still need your guide to A Summer With Heart, click on the picture below for your free download.  

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