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Snowflake Pioneer Days

Last year, it didn't seem so hot.  But last year, I had two new babies and hardly left my house.  This year, I'm roasting.  Still love Mesa, but boy is it hot.  If you need an idea for a quick, get out of town vacation, you might want to head up north to Snowflake for their Pioneer Days Celebrations, Thursday, July 22nd - Saturday, July 24th.  Snowflake is a smaller town  about 2 1/2 hours north of Mesa, about a 1/2 hour from Heber.  

My dad grew up in Snowflake, and in my growing up years, I thought I was the only kid that went to Snowflake to visit family.  Then as I grew, I realized that you can pretty much find a connection to Snowflake in anyone.  I even married a Snowflake boy.  I bet many of you have Snowflake connections too.  But, even if you don't, this might be your chance to check out a new part of Arizona.  Go for a day or go for the whole weekend (although most big events happen Friday and Saturday.)

(Uncle Sam is my Uncle John)

(We must have been dressed up for the festivities - I'm the girl sitting on the monument.)

So, these festivities will be fun, and much cooler than this weather - I promise.  While you are there, you can check out the production of Beauty and the Beast, visit a quilt show, tour historic homes (The Andrew Locy Rogers cabin on the tour is where my dad grew up and where I had many great childhood memories), visit an arts and crafts fair, go to a rodeo, enjoy a parade and BBQ...well, just check out all the fun things to do here.


Audra Roberts said...

Andrew Locy Rogers is my great great grandfather. I am planning on going to Snowflake Pioneer days this weekend.

iheartmesa said...

We must be cousins then :)

Audra Roberts said...

hahaha, probably. I forgot an extra great though. My grandma was the one who helped put together Our Rogers Heritage , The Andrew Locy Rogers Family 1991Book.

I havent made it to see the cabin yet, only pictures. So I am really excited to go this weekend. Last time my dad was there one of his cousins was giving the tour.

It seems like Mesa and Snowflake have a lot of ties together. I loved the picture of the kids on top of the monument.

Thank you for posting and getting me really excited for my weekend.