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The Bread People

I was searching on AZ Central today to see what I could come up with for a post for you all.  It's summertime and things sure do slow down around here.  Couldn't find much.  But, if you are looking for a big event or concert to go to, you can check out AZ Central's list of Top 10 Things to do in Phoenix this weekend. 

As I was browsing, I happened to find an article about the Bread People.  Every Tuesday in my neighborhood we get homemade Swiss bread delivered to our doors.  Perhaps you've seen them around your neighborhood too.  Perhaps you've tasted their delicious bread.  Kathryn and I are particularly biased because one of our best friends is part of this family.  There was always Swiss bread at their home when we went over for a party.  You can read the article here and the next time you see some young folks out delivering Swiss bread you might try some on our recommendation.  A more specific recommendation: try it lightly toasted with butter and lemon curd--awesome. 

The photo above comes from here.  It is not the Bread People's bread, but looks just like it. :)


Cindy said...

They come to my house every Friday. My kids have decided that that that is what's for dinner on Friday night since that is all we eat. We usually buy one large loaf of swiss bread and a loaf of banana bread. So go and has become a fun tradition at our house!

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

they come to my inlaws houses(orange st.) on saturdays... so so yummy!