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Hi friends,

I am back from vacation. 

Saturday: the beach.  Today: laundry. 

And by the way, it's hot here.  And our A/C went out in the car halfway between here and San Diego on Saturday night.  We stopped in Yuma and watched Toy Story 3 while we waited for it to get dark and a teeny bit cooler so we could finish our trek home.  Anyway...

Just sending along a message that Marisa emailed to us today:

FYI - Mesa Residents can sign up for these Fall Gilbert Recreation Classes starting today: http://www.ci.gilbert.az.us/eservices/parks/default.cfm. Before signing up, you must create an account by calling the City of Gilbert at (480) 503-6200.
My oldest son did a nature explorer class at the Southeast Regional Library.  He loved it and I thought it was great--reasonably priced and they encouraged the kids to splash in the puddles.  Not that there's a nature explorer class during the summer, but other indoor-type stuff.  Enjoy.

Thanks Marisa.

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