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2 Events for Saturday

I think they call it the lazy hazy days of summer for a reason.  By the time I get my 4 kids in bed (my usual blogging time) I'm a lump of lazy haziness.  So here are a few posts that have sat in draft form this last week.  A few last minute things for Saturday.  Don't miss out.

Event #1:

Do you remember where you were a a month or so ago when you heard a Phoenix police officer was killed?  I do.  I called and called to see if it were my friend that had been shot, seeing how he match the only description I knew thanks to the news: a father to a two week old, on the night-shift, in a certain beat.  It wasn't my friend, but rather, Officer Travis Murphy.  Another's friend, father, husband, son.  It made my stomach turn at the thought of such nastiness that is part of our world.  Then, this week I learned that Maren, an officer's wife herself, is doing something to help Officer Murphy's family.  It is so refreshing to know that there is still so much good in the world.

Maren has worked day and night to put together a yard sale.  It will be this Saturday (July 17th) from 6:00 AM-Noon at Mesa High School.

Located at:
1630 E. Southern Ave.
Mesa, 85201

I've heard they have had tons of donations and Maren says, "I want this to be a huge success so tell your family, friends and neighbors about this fundraiser and tell them to come shopping! Lots of furniture, clothes, toys, electronics, dishes.....I'm pretty sure we have something for everyone!"  

I agree and see you there.  

Event #2:
Marily and I have a friend from High School, Caroline.  Caroline blogs and is great at organizing blogger get togethers (like the Casual Blogger Conference in Utah a few months ago).  Well, she has organized yet another smaller one, this time here in Mesa.

She is hosting a Girls Night Out at Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Mesa this Saturday (July 17th) from 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM.  Come for 1/2 off  concrete or frozen custard with a regular dinner item purchase.  We've talked of Nielsen's before, so this might be your chance to check it out.

Located at:
1942 E. Southern Ave.
Mesa, 85201  
(yes, down the street from Mesa High)

This Girls Night Out is hosted by Mormon Mommy Blogs, but Caroline assures that it is for everyone, not just if you are Mormon or a mommy.  You just have to make sure to find and say hi to Caroline.  Come for food, fun and giveaways.

1 comment:

lindsay said...

Thank you so much for posting this event. My husband is a police officer in phoenix who worked on Officer Murphey's sister squad. We live in mesa, and I hadn't heard anything about this benefit yard sale. We will most definitely make a family event out of it.