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21 Things for Kids To Do

My husband reads blogs, all types.  Well, today's post comes from a blog my husband reads:  Wired.  This post caught his attention and I loved some of the ideas as well.  I mean, a neighborhood wide water fight = awesome.  I wonder how much it would take to close down a neighborhood street in order to hold one a little more safely?  Would the city allow that?  Maybe I should just go buy some cones and close down my street and have a water party this Friday.  (I'm just talking the small neighborhood streets.  I am not endorsing closing major streets.  You would have major problems if you tried that.)  But talk about community builder - getting everyone out and getting wet, having fun spraying each other with water guns.  Seeing what neighbor can sling water balloons the farthest.  I also like the idea picking a new game to learn, holding an Olympic decathlon, and learning all about a summer subject.  So, just look for yourself:  21 Things for Kids To Do Before Summer Ends.  Be inspired.  

image borrowed from here

Oh - and what would you add to the list?

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