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Earth Day at Anthropologie

We know that Global Warming is a hot button issue.  But whether you agree with it or not, I think most can agree to the fact that taking care of our world is a good thing.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  I know that by just following these 3 R's, my life is less cluttered and costs less as well.  Some people call it: use it up, wear it out or do without.  So no matter what your terms are, I think most of us will agree that we try hard to make the world around us better and more beautiful.  And most of us are learning to live with less.  That is why, this week we will try to inform you of Earth Day activities around the valley.

First up on this wonderful Monday (didn't you enjoy those clouds this morning?) -

This Wednesday, April 21st
at the ever trendy Anthropologie

Dana Park Village Square
1652 S. Val Vista Dr., #113
Mesa, AZ 85204

From 10:00 AM - Noon, bring your kids down for a potting class.  Sure to be cute and fun.

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