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Spring Cleaning: JAWS cleaners

Spring has come and seems to be leaving all too fast.  But, spring cleaning has been on my mind and on my to-do list.  I thought I would take a few posts to share some ways I've tried to add a dash of sparkle to my home, while saving a little money.

First up:  JAWS cleaners

I was asked if I would like to sample these cleaners in return for a review.  When I heard the cleaners would be sold at Basha's, which I love is locally owned, I was in.  I think the glass cleaner works just as good as Windex and I've been using the green cleaner on my counters and the orange cleaner to get the grime off my cabinets.  They don't miraculously clean my house by themselves, but my favorite part is that these are a just add water line of cleaners.  These 4 little cartridges will make 4 more bottles of cleaner.  I keep the same spray bottle and reduce my cost and my waste.  That sure beats the gallon bottle of Windex I bought from Costco and have been storing under my kitchen sink (not one of my smarter purchases).  Now I have a good supply of cleaners and I'm not using up much space in storage.

If you wanted to check out these cleaners for yourself, right now they are on sale now until the 24th at your local Basha's.  The price is regularly $4.99 for the cleaner bottle with the included refill, and $3.99 for the two-pack of cartridges. The sale price is $2.50 for the cleaner bottle with refill and $2 for the refill pack of two cartridges.
 These are the cartridges that will then make 4 more full bottles of cleaner.

The bottles came with the cartridge clip attached.  I didn't really like it attached, so we just popped it off.

If you want to start with just one kind to test it out, I would go with the blue, the glass and hard surface cleaner.  My next favorite is the green one which is used as a disinfectant and degreaser.


The Aviles Six Pack said...

Hmmm I might give it a try. Do they only sell them at Basha's?

iheartmesa said...

I think you can buy them online, but other than that, I think Basha's is the only location. And, I don't think they are having the sale online right now.