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Things To Do For the Holidays: Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo

If you are thinking about going to Zoo Lights this year - we thought we just might post some pictures to tip you over to the yes category.  We took these during our visit last week.  In our family, special moments are what make up the season, not the number of gifts under the tree.   

My favorites of the evening were of course, being with my family and the dancing trees (they don't dance, but they light up to the music) and my girls' favorites were many:  fun light animals, petting the stingrays and riding the Polar Ice slide.  

Enjoy the visuals:

Zoo Lights run nightly through January 8th, 2012 
from 6:00 - 10:00 PM
For pricing and to purchase tickets, you can go online here or to your local Fry's  

- Viewing the dancing trees (by Monkey Village) up close is awesome, but, if you head over to Yakulla Caverns (the water area that is closed for the winter), there are 3 benches and a picnic area with a great view overlooking the lake and the dancing trees.  When we were there, this area was empty so it made for a nice retreat from the crowd to sit and relax a little.
- If you do want to pet the stingrays - save it for last.  My girls got so excited to touch the animals that they let their arms go deeper and deeper into the water, which equaled out to very wet children.  

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