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I Heart Mesa Local Gift Guide

Are you looking for a one of a kind gift for that special someone...or even yourself?  Here are some of my favorite unique ideas, all from local companies!  

Last month we shared with you the story of Karas Kustoms.  When I visited the shop, they gave me a top to take home to my family.  I'll be honest, at first I didn't think a top was that great of a fit for my family.  I mean, it's been a looong time since I've played with a top.  So I brought it home and let my kids have fun with it.  But what surprised me was how much my husband loved it.  I came into the kitchen one day and my husband exclaimed, "Kathryn.  Check this out!"  While holding his watch to my face I saw that the timer said 5:56.  "That's how long the top spun!  It's amazing."  So for quite awhile, my adult husband played and timed that beautiful little top.  And that is when I realized, this top would be the perfect unique stocking stuffer.  You can take it to work and leave it on your desk to fiddle with.  Have family top-offs (I just made up that game.)  See who can make theirs spin longer.  Brilliant.    

{These are my 2 year old's hands, not mine}

This top is crafted out of solid aluminum and really is a piece of art, mixed with classic fun.  All pieces made by Karas Kustoms are designed and produced locally.  Even the aluminum is local.  Shop now and get 15% off your purchase by using code:  CHRISTMAS15.  Go here to see all that Karas Kustoms offers.    

A few weeks ago I had the chance to check out Orange Patch Too, a boutique run by a family that has lived in Mesa for generations.  The shop is located on McKellips between Val Vista and Greenfield and is complete with a charming boutique area and a place to purchase groceries and sweets.  When I was taking pictures to share here, I noticed this shelf of Arizona honey.  Who wouldn't love getting a batch of orange blossom honey for Christmas?  I'm thinking of asking Santa to forgo loads of candy in stockings this year and to bring my girls some simple sweets, including a dose of this orange blossom or wildflower honey.  Young and old would love it!  

Other simple ideas for local gift giving:

- Give the gift of nature.  Last year my parents gifted all of us kids (okay, I'm the youngest of 6 and I'm turning 30 this year, so I guess we aren't kids anymore) an Arizona Game and Fish Fishing licence.  We made some great memories this year taking the whole family fishing.  Those under 14 do not need a liscense.  Go here to read more about how you can purchase yours.  

- Wanting to give jewelry?  There is just something about jewelry with history that I love.  Last year I had my uncle handcraft me some turquoise rings for my girls.  I told them it was to remind them of their family and Arizona heritage.  They love them!  So this year, I'm thinking I need to head down to Antique Plaza in downtown Mesa and see about purchasing a few vintage rings for family (and maybe one for myself).     

- Gift Cards:  I know I love it when I'm gifted a gift card.  Try Blue Adobe Grille for a flavorful Santa Fe inspired meal.  It's one of our favorites!  Or Mangos in downtown is always great.  And right now I'm craving chips and salsa from Matta's.  Can you tell I'm in the mood for Mexican Food?  I think it's the season.  I could eat homemade tamales and chips and salsa everyday.   

What do you plan to buy and gift from a local company?  We would love to know.

(We do not receive any incentives to post our gift guides, we just love supporting local businesses.)  


Megan said...

Great ideas - love it!

Mara Kofoed said...

Kathryn....oh.....I need to get those uncles makin' some jewelry. Why have I not thought of that? I think all the Papa girls need a little piece of that! I'll never forget all Grandmas's turquoise jewelry :)