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Veteran's Day Freebies and Craigslist

Happy Veterans Day.  If you are a veteran or active military member, we applaud you and want to make sure you know about free offers around town.  Check out the zoo for free, eat at Texas Roadhouse, New York Pizza Dept. and others.  Go here, to see deals in the area.

Also, here is a quick Craigslist post for your enjoyment.    
1.  Aqua Dresser:  $125, Mesa.  Solid wood dresser from the 1920's. 
2.  Wardrobe:  $175, Mesa.  Love the details.  Would look excellent in a new color.  Great storage inside.
3.  Table:  $30, Mesa:  Top lifts up to reveal hidden storage.  I love secret spaces.  I wish my house had secret tunnels.    
4.  Adult Tricycle:  $250, Mesa.  Is it odd that I've always wanted an adult tricycle?  This one is a beaut.  

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