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I Heart Mesa Craigslist Finds

This is for all of you that may have missed our Craigslist posts.  They have been mysteriously missing from the blog lately.  If you like them, let us know and we will do better. 

Here are our favorite Craiglist finds for the week:
3 - Antique desk/vanity - $125: West Mesa
4 - Floral Accent Chair - $145: East Mesa
5 - Leather couch - $350: Tempe
6 - Mission-style bench - $145: West Mesa

And if that gets you in the spirit to do do some furniture shopping, you may want to check out an estate sale like this one in Chandler listed at EstateSales.net.  I bet you it's even air-conditioned. 


jen said...

Love the Craigslist posts. Always in search of a bargain.
Also, I just recently did a series of posts of treasures I found and refurbished, bought at the Mesa Auction. Totally also worth the time. LOVE THAT PLACE! Final post of all my treasures is here:

Tightwad said...

Please keep posting the fabulous Craigslist finds. I love them!