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I Heart Mesa Craigslist Collection

1-  Vintage School Chairs - $25 - $65:  South Chandler.  I know it's the school teacher in me coming out, but these are awesome!
2- Iron Table Set - $55:  Mesa.  Maybe I'm enjoying the outdoors a lot right now.  
3- Antique Display Case - $25:  32nd and Thunderbird.  Missing glass in one side, but a fun unique piece.
4 - Antique Solid Wood Dresser - $80:  Surprise.  More of a drive, but I love these curved drawers.  Listed at a nice price too. 
5 - Antique Parlor Table - $200:  Gilbert.  I guess I'm loving the antiques today.  And...doesn't this remind you of those horse-shoe tables that you used to sit at for group lessons in school?  Again, the teacher in me coming out, but I LOVED using my horse-shoe table when I taught school and this is like a classy version for your home.

Hope everyone enjoyed today.  I had a nice morning on the farm (pictures soon) and got to meet an I Heart Mesa reader.  We love our readers!

1 comment:

The Wizzle said...

I've been eyeing those little desks for a while now (even though I do NOT have anywhere to put one!) Those are good prices and the color assortment is awesome.