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Restaurant Review: Tutti Santi Italian Restaurant

Recently my husband and I had a chance to get out for an anniversary dinner.  I only had one rule when choosing the place: the place had to be locally-owned.  He suggested Tutti Santi Italian Restaurant at Guadalupe and Dobson and off we went. 

It's always good when we actually get out of the house to go somewhere and we enjoy our experience because then I can write about it here at I Heart Mesa.  Kathryn and I have kind of got an informal policy  not to post bad reviews.  If there's nothing nice to say, we just don't say it.  We are not going to say we enjoyed something that we didn't, but we also don't want to hurt a local business by posting a bad review.  Hopefully that means you can trust what we say when we say it.  Anyway...

All this is to say that I'm honest when I tell you how much I enjoyed my meal at Tutti Santi.  I ordered the homemade ravioli--the pasta and the cheese and spinach filling were beautifully smooth and so delicious.  The ravioli was simple, but what made it great was it was obviously made fresh, homemade, and with the best ingredients.  My husband got the salmon rosato which he really enjoyed as well.  Simple, classic, Italian food is what you'll find at Tutti Santi.  The service was great too--it felt like the bus boy was watching our table because he was ready to grab any empty plates the minute we set them aside. 

Tutti Santi in Mesa is open for dinner only from 4pm to 10pm daily.  Most entrees range from about $15-$26.  Reservations are optional.

If you are looking for a nice restaurant for a special night out, support a local place and think about trying

Tutti Santi.

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