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Orange Blossoms

Maybe it's only me, but I feel like I've already mentally skipped right past Friday and am now into the weekend. This weekend we hope you check out some of the great activities right here in town - like Lehi Days or becoming a forest service volunteer. There are tons of fabulous activities going on for your enjoyment that we have already mentioned earlier this week.  

I will spend this weekend picking tons and tons of oranges in preparation for my upcoming orange festival.  Five years ago we moved into a house with 5 orange trees - the kind of oranges that are best for juicing.  Each year I have had all my sibling's kiddos come over.  They must come in their best orange attire and then we play orange games, hit an orange piƱata, eat orange food and have a crack at juicing some oranges.  The adults supervise and juice as well.  My nieces and nephews (as well as my own girls) look forward to it with much anticipation and it's getting to be that time of year again.  Got to get all those oranges off before the blossoms open.

I love orange blossom season here in Mesa.

Cool orange grove picture via Lloyd Zeffler 

Also, if you wanted something creative to do this weekend, how about entering a contest?  Mesa is looking for their next recycling slogan.  Come up with a creative catch phrase and get an hour long ride in a recycling truck, amongst other things.  Go here to see about all the details and what else you could win.  

Maybe do a little internet shopping.  Check out the cute purses at Pursenickety.  

Or check out 50% off day at the Lutheran Thrift shop with me and then find a fabulous Mesa park to play at.  

Either way, enjoy your weekend!  Besides, it's hard not to when its spring in Mesa.  



Anne said...

What day is the 50% off sale at the thrift store? I love stopping in there!

iheartmesa said...

Anne- 50% off day is tomorrow, the 5th. Good luck (just don't take all the good stuff before I get there :)