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Wake-Up Wednesday - "A" Mountain

We live in Mesa. Arizona.  Our weather is beautiful, we have awesome hiking trails, lots of fun things to do outdoors, and many ways to stay active right here in sunny Arizona.  Wake-up Wednesday is a way to feature all that.  

Kathryn's Wake-up Wednesday Pick of the Week:  "A" Mountain

This is as urban of a hike as you will get.  Last year, we loaded all 4 girls up, hit up In-N-Out and headed over to "A" Mountain by ASU and Tempe Town Lake.  I can't say I would suggest eating a big greasy meal right before like we did, but the hike was fun, quick, free, had awesome views and was something my whole family could do.  Besides, it's a good way to teach my girls what a great school ASU is and maybe instill a little devil pride :)   (My husband and I both graduated from ASU in 2004.)

Upcoming Local Runs:

Other ways to keep yourself active this week:
Usery Pass - Yoga, bird watching, a New to Arizona walk, hikes for kids. 
Red Mountain Multigenerational Center - Rock wall,  Indoor track, group fitness classes.  

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