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Snow and Yoga

Did you love the rain this last week?  I did.  And rain here means snow up north.

On Monday my girls and I loaded up with my siblings and dad and went up north to play in the snow.  Sure, getting a carload of kiddos in snow gear isn't the easiest.  Nor is keeping all of them warm.  But, I know they all had a great time and will remember this trip for a long time.

And good news.  There is another storm headed our way this weekend.  So, if you are interested in sledding, building snowmen, having snowball fights, making snow angels and eating real snow cones, then this is your chance.  Here are some spots you may be interested in:
(Some may think it odd, but this is our family tradition - find a nice untouched patch of fresh snow and pour the snow cone syrup right on top.  Give everyone a spoon and enjoy.)

Young Road - If you take State Route 260 past Payson, towards Heber, Young Road is off to the right when you are atop the Mogollon Rim.  And did you know they paved more of the Young Road?  I learned this just on Monday when we were there.  (We are going to add this route to our fall driving experience).  Once on the Young Road, there will be a clearing on the left.  Just after that clearing is a little dirt drive also to the left to park on.  This area is raised slightly more than the clearing, thus making a nice little hill for the kiddos to sled down.  Big enough for them to enjoy, small enough for me not to panic.
(Come Spring I should do a stand alone post on the Young Road.  A few summers ago I camped for 10 days with my girls there.  I've enjoyed trips to the fish hatchery and to play in the creek - and now that it's paved...)  

Happy Jack Lodge - I've been here in the summer, but haven't checked out the sledding.  But, word from my sister is that for $5 a person you can use the land for a fun day of sledding and have access to bathrooms and their big lodge to warm up in.  Check out their website here.

And now I've got to pass it off to AZ Central.  Check out their detailed article here on other places to sled and play in the snow.

Or, are you looking to just stay inside this week?  Check out Yoga at Inside the Bungalow in Downtown Mesa.  "Inside The Bungalow offers Ashtanga, Flow (Vinyasa), Hatha and Restorative yoga classes seven days per week. All Inside The Bungalow instructors are certified and passionate about sharing the benefits of this 5,000 year old science."  Check out their website here for drop in class pricing, overview on the teachers, class descriptions and more.


Lindsay said...

thanks! We have wanted to go sledding but dread the way up and down the 17 to Flagstaff when everyone else is doing the same! We will give your suggestions a try!Thanks again, I love what you're doing with this blog - such a great start!

Megan said...

We discovered Oak Hill sledding area just East of Flagstaff. It's a state or county park that is free and has a great sledding hill. It's pretty close to Williams, the same exit as the reindeer farm. There are bathrooms (brrrr) and I think they like tubes and not plastic sleds (for safety) but you bring your own and my kids had a great time. There are picnic tables dispersed around and maybe a covered area. We can't wait to go back!

Megan said...

So sorry, it is WEST of Flagstaff.