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Erica's Craigslist Collection

Craigslist 2-10

1. Remington Rand File Cabinet - $99 - Phoenix

2. Antique Bench - $40 - 36th Street and Thunderbird

3. Modern Sunburst Mirror - $25 - 32nd Street and Oak

4. Vintage Cane Chairs - $125 - Glendale

5. Mid Century Dresser - $299 - Phoenix

Erica is a decorating and DIY enthusiast living in Mesa. Find her at her blog, Tart House.


The Wizzle said...

I love this little segment - it's always fun to see how many of the listed items I have already spotted and wanted to buy (this week's answer: 2).

Myla said...

are you kidding me!! Not only does she find the best stuff….everything somehow fits my style…but its cheap too!