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The Backyard Farmer Brings Locally Grown Produce to Your Doorstep

This is the freshest produce in town, folks--delivered right to your door.  The Backyard Farmer is run by a local farmer who works to bring the same stuff you see at the local farmers markets directly to you.

Kara from Taste is Trump was the first one to tell us about the Backyard Farmer.  We've mentioned this business before but neither Kathryn nor I had ever ordered.  When I decided to try it out for myself and place my first order the man behind it all, Galen, was generous enough to offer it at no cost (sometime all this work has some perks.)  After an internal debate I decided I'd better not be greedy and to split my goodies up with Kathryn.  She started I Heart Mesa after all.  

The food I ordered came in this box.  For $39 worth I got four bags of beans, a dozen farm fresh eggs, a bag of spring mixed greens, apples, oranges, and lots more (jalapenos, cilantro, kale, cauliflower, and garlic.)  My boys couldn't wait to get their hands on it all.  See?

Everything we've eaten so far has been great.  I am looking forward to cooking the beans to see what the difference is between fresh beans, grown and dried this season, compared to the beans at the grocery store that were harvested and picked who knows how many years ago.

If you are interested in learning more, you can go to the Backyard Farmer's blog here.  All the information to get started is on his site.  If you just want to check it out and see prices, you can get on the email list and you will get the current order form and all of the details.

The longer I write for this community the more I love the idea of buying more of what I purchase locally.  Local First AZ says it this way: "Put your money where your house is."  With the Backyard Farmer it's a win-win.  In addition to supporting local farmers, you are also providing you and your family with the best and purest food available. I just turned in my order form and am looking forward to next Wednesday's delivery.  And for full disclosure, I'm ordering on my own dime this time.

Happy Friday!


Kayla said...

I looove Backyard Farmer. My produce is always amazing!

Freckles in April | a modest clothing blog

Kelly M said...

How do you think this compare with Bountiful Baskets, price wise? I mean, I know this is all local and it sounds like you can order what you want, those are both definite advantages- but is it as good of a deal? I'd love to hear from anyone who has done both. . .

iheartmesa said...

I've done Bountiful Baskets a few times too. Pricewise, Bountiful Baskets is quite a bit cheaper. But, you can always get on the Backyard Farmer email list and you will get the next order form and you can see the prices before you order. I know it's better for him if you get more than just a few things each time to make it worth his while because there is no delivery fee. You do pay a premium for getting fresh, organic, locally grown produce but in my opinion it's worth it. Plus, I've got little kids at home so we don't get to the mesa farmers market on Fridays as often as I'd like to.

Kara said...

You are going to LOVE those fresh dried beans!!

I get the organic bountiful basket and the price is very comparable. I love that I don't have to lug my 3 kids out early Saturday mornings. The home delivery is the most lovely service :)

Jen Western said...

I've ordered several times and its always absolutely amazing quality produce and YUMMY! There is no better source of vitamins than local organic produce picked ripe just a day or two before. Plus, unlike bountiful baskets, you choose exactly what you want. Yes, it's not the cheapest produce around (Walmart, non organic bulk like bountiful baskets) but for the quality it's well worth it! You pay for what you get, and I feel he has honest prices for his work.