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The Backyard Farmer

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Kara Bagley of Taste is Trump sent us an email about a great way to get local, fresh produce.  She says:

This is the best kept secret in Mesa. I have been to the Farmer's Market in downtown, but it is quite a ways from where I live and handling 3 kids while I am comparing prices and gauging freshness is insane. Not to mention the heat and the L-O-N-G lines.

The Backyard Farmer delivers the same stuff to your door with no fees! The produce is all local and grown with organic methods (not certified organic). He stands behind his stuff and only sells top quality items. There is a new order form every week, so get on his mailing list if you think you might be interested down the road.
Upon great recommendations from Kara as one who knows about healthy eating, we give you the Backyard Farmer's email address: THEBACKYARDFARMER@live.com
So far all orders are processed through email.  You will need to let him know you want to be on the email list and then you will get order forms and information about his next delivery.  If you would like to preview some of his info you can send us an email at iheartmesa@gmail.com  and I will forward the info I got from Kara to you. 

Thanks Kara!  Can't wait to give it a try,

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