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Zoo Lights

Last week mine and Marily's families had the pleasure of attending Zoo Lights for FREE as part of a thank you to the media (yes, we did a little jump for joy too when we realized we were cool enough to be considered the media).  Linda, the director behind this great event, was raised right here in Mesa and she follows our blog.  We want to thank her again for hosting us and for such a fun night.

And you may think that a free price-tag made us biased, but just take a look at these pictures of our evening and you can judge for yourself.  My personal favorite was the tree lined walkway between the orangutans and the monkeys.  The trees "danced" to the Christmas music.  My littlest twins were especially mesmerized.  Now if I could just get one of those in my own backyard then the nighttime fussies would be a thing of the past.

And that's just a sampling.  The lights are fabulous.

ZooLights continues all the way through January 9th and is open nightly from 6pm to 10pm.  You can purchase tickets online here or at the zoo.  

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