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Events at Usery Pass Park

Did you love the 80 degree weather yesterday?  Or was it a bit too much?  But, you do have to admit, this Arizona sunshine is still great for getting out and about.  And we do have awesome out and about areas.

(Photo from my husband)

That is why we just wanted to remind you about all the usual outdoor activities at Usery Pass Park.  Enjoy outdoor Yoga, nature walks for youth or 55+, bird watching guides, and one I've never seen before: learn how to spot native mistletoe.  One that really caught my eye this time is the full moon hike on December 21st, complete with a bonfire and roasted marshmallows afterwards.  Take a self-guided or guided hike.  Either way, it sounds like a fun night.

Go here for all the scheduled activities for the week. 

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1 comment:

Liz said...

Kathryn, I just wanted to tell you a fun "degrees" realization I had! I've been reading and loving your blog for awhile now. I've done a lot of things you've blogged about and they've made me love Mesa so much more! Anyway, I saw in your post about the state football championship that Sam Papa is your cousin. Well, Mitzi and Joe live down the street from me and Mitzi and I were, until two weeks ago, in the Relief Society presidency together at church! The Papas are great people. So I know you don't know me, but I just wanted to share that fun connection. Thanks for your awesome blog!
Liz Kasper