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I apologize to our readers.  There has been some confusion around the IHM13 code.  Originally the code would get you 13 months for the 12 month price.  Then....the museum decided to be even more generous to everyone and offer 14 months for 12 months to anyone renewing or buying a new membership.  I did feel silly that we had posted about a deal that didn't come to be much of a deal.  So I talked to the director of AMY again. 

She felt bad about the whole situation.  So she is offering I Heart Mesa readers the 14 for 12 month promotion PLUS 10% off.  Seriously, this is really, for sure, the best deal you will get on an AMY membership for the year.  You need to give them the code IHM13 and USE THIS LINK HERE to get this now great deal.  Membership/Renewal offer code is only good till the end of the year.  

Again, we do apologize to our readers, but we hope that now you can enjoy this extra good deal!  One that we know for sure doesn't come around too often, if at all.  

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iheartmesa said...

So you see, you keep coming back to I Heart Mesa and the deals just get better and better. :)