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Save the Pioneer Park Train

I remember my younger years of playing at Pioneer Park in downtown Mesa.  I remember what it was like before the train was fenced in.  It was so exciting to crawl through and explore that piece of history.  And do you remember the fighter jet too?  Oh, those were the days.  

photo from here

Now, the train is falling to the elements.  It's been fenced since 1993 and is in need of dire help.  A "Save our Train" committee has been formed and they hope to have the funds to cosmetically restore this piece of history before 2012 when our lovely state turns 100.  The committee also hopes to move the train to the southwest corner of the park, fronting Main Street.

So...This Saturday, November 20th, starting at 10:00 AM, check out Pioneer Park for "Rails, Rods and Steel Wheels."  This party will be held right by the train with games for kids, great food, live music and a classic car show.  And in my opinion, the best part of the party:  for the first time in years, the train will be open to the public.  

Thanks Heather for sending this information our way.  You can check out the Save the Pioneer Park Train website here.    


The Wizzle said...

Yes, the train! We used to crawl under it and flatten ourselves against the underside, pretending we were escaped criminals hiding from the cops. I feel sorry for any Mesa child who didn't get to grow up playing on the Pioneer Park train.

Dan said...

I agree that they should save the train- it's a fantastic piece of real history that helps to make Mesa unique.

I would like to see the train housed inside of a light rail station in Downtown Mesa- visible through glass and under lighting, but concealed from the elements. It would be a symbolic way to connect the old with the new (traditional railroad to modern rail transit), and for Mesa to share it's history with rail travelers.

Bethany said...
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Bethany said...

The Save the Train prject is near and dear to ur hearts. Both my husband and I have fond memories playing and climbing on this train. But, for us it's more than that. His grandfather actually WORKED on this train back when it was in service. He is one of the driving forces on the committee trying to save it. Not only is it part of Mesa's history. It's also deeply rooted in our own.

Mesababy said...

The train MUST be restored!!! As a child I played on that train and the fighter plane!! I didn't even realize the real history of the train. The history makes it even more detrimental that this piece of time is restored. I would love my children to be able to share the memories I have of the train!! Save our train!!!