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The Garden Pool

So I was browsing some local blogs, including Peppertowne again, and came across Jeni's post on a Garden Pool, built by some innovative Mesans.  Maybe it's not your idea of what you would do with your pool, but, it'll really get you thinking outside the box.  Raising your own tilapia, herbs, fruits and vegetables, plus eggs, all in the area that was once a run down pool - wow.  This family went from blah pool in dire need of thousands to fix it up, to self sustaining in less than one year.  I'm amazed.  And though my husband has to keep reminding me that our lovely HOA won't allow for chickens, I've already thought of how I could use some of these concepts in my own home, of course with my own touch to fit my family and our lifestyle.  We probably won't be converting our pool yet, but it is inspiring to be more self-sufficient and I think I'll have to go learn some more about  hydroponic gardening.

So, check out what your fellow Mesa neighbors are up to.  Check out The Garden Pool.

Image of garden pool layout found here

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