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Loving our Sponsors

Have you checked out our sponsors lately?

Well, did you know that Reachel at Cardigan Empire is expecting?  Her sweet little Coco and new little boy on the way will be 14 months apart.  I know I loved having a sibling so close in age to me.  Congratulations Reachel!  Also, you might want to check out her posts on Reality Revised here.  I loved them and hope that I can teach my own daughters to love who they are without always trying to be something falsely portrayed by the media.  We can own our own beauty and Reachel is there to help us understand fashion, beauty and the true reality of it all.      

And Zane, well, him and his wife are expecting again too.  Babies are in the air I guess.  We are so excited to meet this new little one.  You know I will be stalking Zane's site for pictures of a new little Ewton.  Also, did you spy the photos Zane took for our giveaway?  Well, check them out here.  I think they are gorgeous.  Here is one just for a teaser.  Love it! Want your own glow captured in photographs?  Give Zane a call.   

And, you might be looking out drab windows due to monsoon love.  So pick up the phone and give Reed a call at 480.347.6113 and get your windows cleaned.  You'll want to sing from the rooftops after your windows are sparkling clean.    

Then, head over to Pusenickety.  I love this pink purse.  I think it would be the perfect accessory to highlight my my other accessories (4 little girls).  And have I mentioned how much I love internet shopping?  It's a mother's best friend.  

I'm needing (okay, wanting) a new outfit for my 10 year high school reunion (Go Warriors!).  I'm loving the selection at Flour.  What would you wear?  Would you go with this little number (love the details on the bodice) or something classic and black (which Flour has a few in that category also)? Either way, I don't think you can go wrong with a Flour dress.

Then don't forget to check out Busy Bee Lauren.  She might be taking a little break from headband making, but, you can still catch some awesomespice posts here.

And finally, there is Hubbard Swim School.  We enjoyed all those that could come out to the swim party a few weeks ago.  I'm sure you were impressed with the facilities like I was.  So, keep Hubbard in mind for when the weather cools and you want to still continue on with swim lessons for the little ones.  

  Thanks to all our sponsors!

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