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LEGO Engineering Classes for Kids

When I saw a flyer for Lego building classes I knew I had to sign up my five-year-old son.  This was right up his alley--Legos, building, and some basic instruction in machines and robots--awesome.  The instructors did a great job and really gave the little kids a lot of credit.  They learned about simple electrical systems, built catapults to destroy their Lego skyscrapers, and tested Lego cars to see what would happen with different-sized wheels, a spoiler, etc.

EduRoboTech has classes starting at 4-years-old (the young ones have a mommy and me class) all the way up to twelve years.  You can check out their courses for fall here.  Hurry, some classes start as early as August 16th.  Prices range from $60 to $125.  Classes are held in Gilbert at the McQueen Park Activity Center near Elliot and McQueen (Mesa Drive).

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