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First Day of School

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Wow, did I blink and now summer is over?  Well, summer isn't over.  It won't be over till November, but summer vacation is over and Mesa Public Schools starts up again today.  Congratulations and good luck.  Take a few first day of school pictures.   Record your tired kids coming home from a long first day.  They'll probably say a few funny things that you'll want for posterity.  If you have a little Kindergartener, they might even fall asleep before you get dinner on the table.  But celebrate.  Make going back to school exciting, not dreaded.

Maybe you can even do that by a little back to school dining out experience.  My sister headed out to Islands last night for two free kids' meals (offered only on Tuesdays from 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM).  But, in researching a link for you, I discovered this article that lists several restaurants that have free kids' meals on certain days of the week.  

So, go ahead and check out this article and celebrate.

{But, always call ahead please, just to double check offer availability.  I am not guaranteeing all their information is still up to date and correct.}

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