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Internet Cooking Class

The Kara Bagley cooking classes that we have talked about here at I Heart Mesa have always spiked my interest.  I would love to attend, but the reality is that it isn't always easy to find a time to leave my 4 kids (I think it's leaving 2 babies that is the hardest for me.)  So when I heard this news, I was very much excited.

image via flickr

Apparently there is online course for cooking real back to basics foods - the kind that our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers had to know how to make because there wasn't always the processed products that we are used to today.  This includes soaking grains, sourdough breads, pickling and fermenting, homemade stocks, water kefir, cheese, salad dressing, menu planning and more.  It is offered through The Nourished Kitchen.  The class starts June 1st and enrollment ends Monday, May 31st (so you don't have much time to decide).  Check it out here.  And if you want to look at a bonus lesson on nuts and seeds, check it out here.  

The class costs $120, which sounded a little pricey, but when I compare it to how much gets spent on the foods throughout the year that aren't making us any healthier, $120 isn't too shabby.  

After the summer, Kara will be back to her regular fall cooking class schedule.  If you have any learning requests, she would love to hear them.  Check her out here.

Thanks Kara for keeping Mesa healthy, one cooking class at a time.

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