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Lloyd Zeffler Giveaway

I am excited to announce a new chapter in iheartmesa history: sponsors. I'm excited because it means the possibility of more giveaways. I'm the type that when I walk in a store, I am secretly wishing that bells and whistles are going to go off and confetti will fall proclaiming that I'm the millionth costumer who gets a 10 minute shopping spree (one of my favorite game shows as a kid was "Supermarket Sweep". A classic.).

Well, we won't be giving away a 10 minute shopping spree, but we are giving away a mini photo shoot with Lloyd Zeffler- a single person or a couple in one location and 20 images on CD. It could be a fun date night, or a great present for a spouse. Is your senior needing senior pictures? Or maybe you've just been itchin for something with zing. And with Lloyd Zeffler, zing is what you will get.

Zane, the creative mind behind Lloyd Zeffler, has two goals during a photo shoot: "to have fun and create a photograph that takes the subject’s personality and amplifies it. All the way to 11, so to speak." And from viewing his work here, I can see just that. Zane will give you something different than the ordinary. Sometimes I'm a little of the "cutesy" type of picture liker and Zane can do that. But he can also add that creativity and "zing" that you don't always see, and that's what I like about Lloyd Zeffler.

So now that you are craving some new pictures yourself, just do ONE of the following:
a) Post a link on your blog back to this post. In that post say one thing you love about Mesa. Then leave us a comment. Example: I love Mesa because the weather was fantastic today! Sat on my parents porch and rocked a baby while my older girls played in the sunshine.
b) Become a fan of I Heart Mesa on Facebook (Yeah, finally took the plunge. It's not fancy yet. Give it time.)
c) For those of you who don't blog and don't Facebook, just send us an e-mail at iheartmesa@gmail.com with a promise that you will tell at least one person in your life something that you love about Mesa. Let your conscience be your guide.

You don't have to be a Mesa person to win. You simply have to do one of the above tasks and make sure that you can make it to the Mesa area for the photo shoot. Giveaway winner will be announced next Monday, October 12th.

Check out Lloyd Zeffler by using the handy button to the right. And I tried choosing just a few photos to show you what Zane can do, but my brain started hurting trying to decide. He is just that good.


Blake and Laura said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Marily said...

Here's my post. Do I need two comments for two entries?

Monica said...

Excited for fun giveaways. Thanks!

angela hardison said...

i became a fan on facebook, and i'll most likely link to this too.

(am i allowed to enter?)

Tanya Leigh said...

I posted on my blog - sorry, it's private. But what do I love? The driving! Living in Guadalajara & Miami, FL helped me recognize how good we got it ;)

mandyface said...

I became a Facebook fan, but I would have anyway, even if you weren't doing this AMAZING giveaway because I do heart Mesa and I'm SO excited to have come across this blog. My husband and I are always looking for local awesomeness to attend! So thanks. You rock.

Stephanie said...

I posted on my blog...I also put the I Heart Mesa link on my blog a few days ago. I love the beautiful weather and culture passes to museums!

Jessie Lewis said...

Thanks for your blog!

Maria said...

I became a fan on Facebook.

Maria said...

I blogged about this giveaway HERE.


Also just wanted to say that I'm really LOVING this Mesa blog. I always wonder what's going on around town and now I know. So thanks for all you do!

Stacey said...

We loved second fridays! Our family went all the time when we lived there and my hubby helped put together the classic car event downtown!! See my advertisement at http://www.staceyandheathfam.blogspot.com And boy would we LOVE these pictures!!

Tiff said...

I became a fan on facebook!!!

The Skinners said...

i'm a fan on facebook!

i've been LOVING the cool weather we've had - almost feels like fall!

ssquared said...

I'm in love with his style and would equally love the chance to get a mini photoshoot free. Who wouldn't, eh? Here's my post here, including why I love Mesa, too. c: