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Swimming: Part 3

Why the water safety posts? As you will read in this post, I agree with the Hubbard Family Swim School in that "water safety is a responsibility that all community members share." I realize the ISR program is not for everyone and although I chose the program for my children, that does not mean that I expect everyone to agree with it or to sign their child up. Also, ISR is not a stopping point in learning to swim. I want my daughters to be like their dad and be a good swimmer, not like their mom who is a world class doggy paddler (okay, I can do better than a doggy paddle, but it's not pretty). We live in Arizona. There are options - I'm just trying to get a few out there.

I've heard of Hubbard Family Swim School in the past. The part that has intrigued me is their indoor facilities. To me, indoor = fantastic. No more sweaty legs while sitting in the hot sun watching your child at swim lessons or having to worry about the gallons of sunscreen you need. The following background information comes from an e-mail sent to me by the Hubbard Family Swim School:

"Hubbard Family Swim School teaches swimming lessons across the Valley to children aged six months to 12 years. Lessons are offered year-round in small class sizes with the goal of getting kids exposed to the water to build comfort and enjoyment. The Hubbard philosophy is centered on half-an-hour, once-a-week swimming lessons that consistently reinforce and build success. Hubbard swim instructors use simple steps and building blocks that teach balance, buoyancy, submersion and breathing as keys to becoming a comfortable swimmer. Additionally, the Hubbard baby program is known internationally. They have run programs and instructor courses on baby swimming for the past 10 years all over the United States as well as New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

The Hubbards founded the Hubbard Family Swim School and Summer Sports Camps in 1998 and now have three indoor, year-round swim school locations across the Valley – Phoenix, Peoria and Mesa. Each Hubbard Family Swim School facility features state-of-the-art pool filtration and UV, family dressing areas, glass-walled observation lobbies, handicap accessibility, swim shops, play areas, snack bars, party rooms and a welcoming family atmosphere.

In addition to serving the learn-to-swim needs of the families of Phoenix and the East and West Valley, Hubbard Family Swim School’s mission of education has expanded outside of the pool into water safety outreach programs in local schools. In a state where 70% percent of backyards have pools, water safety is a responsibility that all community members share. For further information on Hubbard Family Swim School or to enroll your child in lessons, please log on to http://www.hubbardswim.com/ or call (602) 971-4044."

The Mesa Hubbard Swim School is located in the Riverview complex at Dobson and the 202.

$75 per month for group classes
$117 per month for semi-private classes
Do check out their website for more info.

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