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The Culture Pass

I first heard about the Culture Pass a few weeks ago. At first I thought that maybe it was a joke since it began on April 1st, but it's official (see here), and I'm pretty sure it's a deal you can't pass up.

A few sponsors got together to help support local arts and activities and because of this you get to experience local museums for FREE.

How do I get to go to museums and other cultural institutions for FREE?

- Bust out your library card and go to the Mesa library.

- Choose a participating location that you would like to visit and check out the card for that museum/location.

- Within the next 7 days, you and 3 others (total 4 people) get to enjoy that museum/location for FREE.

A few minor restrictions:
-Available cards at the library are on a first come first serve basis and cannot be reserved online through the library.
- Admission may be limited to general admission only and may limit some special exhibitions.
- Only one culture pass per person per 7 day loan period.

Participating locations include (although this deal lasts until April 1st, 2010, some locations are not available all year long):

-Phoenix Zoo
- Desert Botanical Gardens
- The Arizona Science Center
-Arizona Museum of Natural History
- Arizona Museum for Youth
- Children’s Museum of Phoenix
- Heard Museum
- Phoenix Art Museum
- Cave Creek Museum
- The Bead Museum
- Mesa Contemporary Arts
- Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts
- Taliesin West

Oh, and don't even worry about having to return the pass. Awesome.

Check here for more details and info on participating locations and museums.

Thanks to all those that sent the e-mail my way.


Burgess said...

This is amazing!!

I love this blog!

angela hardison said...

What???? AWESOME. I've been wanting to go to Taliesen forever but it's sorta expensive.

Hopefully Clint can get to the library for me to check this out before everyone else does :)

Burgess said...

I went to get a pass this morning and it was CRAZY in there!! If you want one, go on Wednesday mornings and stand in line before it opens. I had to literally fight the crowd and reach in and grab around people (I know, I'm ruthless... but I'm poor, too!)And I guarantee they were all gone within 5 minutes!