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For the Love of Food: The Egg and I

Last Friday I enjoyed breakfast at The Egg and I Cafe and found myself wondering why I haven't written a review for this blog about that restaurant. Located on the NEC of McDowell and Power Roads, it's very near freeways, allowing for easy access.

On our last visit, they messed up my sister's order and then the "fixed" omelet was still missing her spinach. When the waitress brought it out, she apologized and said she wouldn't be charged with her meal. I don't know about you, but I am a big fan of good customer service. I don't expect perfection, as long as sufficient steps are taken to properly handle mistakes. My sister didn't even complain, they just acknowledged the errors and compensated her in a way they felt was adequate.

Like I said, I've been several times and never been disappointed. I did have an interesting dish there (French toast with cream cheese and sausage in between), that I wouldn't order again, but it wasn't bad quality, just not my preference in taste. They use fresh ingredients and have a wide selection on their menu. The selection is a little overwhelming, especially if you are indecisive. They serve breakfast and lunch from 6:00am - 2:00pm (I think...). My favorite thing to get is the Sunrise Quesadilla.

Have you ever been to The Egg and I Cafe? How was it? What do you suggest?

The Egg and I Cafe
2823 N Power Rd
Mesa, AZ 85215

(Sorry, no picture. These days I have time to type and that's about it.)

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