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For the Love of Food: Baskin Robbins

I'm back from the dead, and it's for the love of food. I haven't posted my share, or anything actually, for at least two months... just sitting back and making the pregnant (with twins) mother of twins do all the work. I'm awfully thoughtful, don't ya think? Actually, there's more to the story, but no need to waste time on that. I am making a commitment this week: three posts, all about food.

On Wednesday, the 29th, Baskin-Robbins is having 31 cent scoop night from 5 - 10:00pm. Their ice cream is good and that is super cheap. Each person is limited to three scoops. My all time favorite flavor is bubble gum. Just ask my BF from high school that used to work there... every time she saw me come in, she knew what I wanted. Unless of course it was near Valentine's Day, then I typically opted for the Love Potion 31. What's your favorite flavor? With three scoops for under a dollar, it can't hurt to try something new.

I originally thought this was to celebrate their anniversary or something, but it's actually to help them honor America's firefighters. That's pretty cool. So this is a deal that is cool in all sorts of ways... perfect timing for our warmer weather.

Image and info from here.

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